We encourage all Tonkinese breeders to join the CFA's Tonkinese Breed Council (BC). Since the goal of the Breed Council is to improve the Tonkinese Breed Standard, it is important that the Breed Council represent all the Tonkinese breeders.

There are several criteria for being eligible to join any CFA Breed Council. A common misconception is that a breeder must grand a Tonkinese to join the BC. This is not true. The application has more detail about all the requirements such as minimum age etc., but the main two ways to be eligible to join the Tonkinese Breed Council are:

A breeder must have registered three litters of Tonkinese, one of which was in the last two years and also have exhibited a Tonkinese cat/kitten in the last two years.


A breeder must have registered three litters of Tonkinese and also have bred a Tonkinese that granded as a Grand Champion or Grand Premier.

Breed Council Information on CFA site