Purpose of the Breed Council (BC)

The purpose of a CFA Breed Council is to advise the CFA board on the creation and modification of a breed standard. All breed standard changes must be created and approved by the breed's respective breed council. The standard changes passed by the breed council. must then be approved by the CFA board to take effect. The CFA board does not make changes to the standard directly but must approve all proposed changes.

The Breed Council Secretary is elected by the breed council. The following is a summary of the key responsibilities:

Note the Breed Council Secretary does not receive money from your BC dues for activities such as the breed booth. Any such activities are supported through donations.

CFA's Breed Council Information (includes a link to list of current members)

The Tonkinese Breed Council yahoo list is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tonkbc/

History of the Tonkinese Breed Council

The first Tonkinese Breed Council was formed in 1978 when CFA approved Tonkinese registration. The Secretary was Joan Bernstein with members Madelyn Dakin, Judith Penna, Mary Swanson, Lynn Whitfield, Barbara Boren, Debbie Pensa, Norma Roy, Hope Tremblay in October of 1979. Late in 1980, the Breed Council members were not allowed to renew due to a CFA 1979 rule requiring a breed be in provisional class to have a BC. Tonkinese were not yet in Provisional class. In 1982 after the Tonkinese were moved to Provisional class, the BC was started again with the Norma Roy as the Secretary.

1982-1988:  Norma Roy
1989-1992:  Cathy Rokaw
1993-1998:  Sharon Roy
1999-2000:  Bonnie Smith
2001-2004:  Scott Cowling
2005-2012:  Linda Martino
2013-2017 Carmen Martino
2017- Claire Dubit